Arson & Property Damage Crimes and Laws

Property crimes are commonly presumed to be far less serious than crimes committed against people, but you can still be facing very serious criminal charges with possible jail time for many property damage related crimes.  And arson, however, is one of the most extreme property crimes. If you are facing arson or similar charges call for a consultation today.

Choosing the right criminal defense attorney could be the most important decision you make when facing a criminal prosecution. You want someone who has the knowledge and experience to handle whatever may come their way at trial. Or, even if you are looking for a deal, you want someone who knows what the best possible plea would be in your situation. And you always need someone who will be an advocate for you, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

Damage to property and arson are occasionally crimes committed in anger. Typically, when this is the case, they are followed by a period of remorse. If this applies to you, you want an attorney who can articulate your remorse to the judge.

Occasionally crimes like this are accidents. One of the more important elements of a crime is proving you intended to do it. If you are charged with an offense that happened by mistake or through no fault of your own, we want to hear about it.

We have handled complex criminal cases in the North Carolina court system. We can put this experience and skills to work for you.

You need someone in your corner that can get you the best possible outcome. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Willful and Wanton Injury to Real Property – Laws & Penalties

If you injure any public or private property you may be charged with willful and wanton injury to property, a Class 1 misdemeanor and face up to one year in jail.

Ref: NCGS 14-127

Disorderly Conduct In and Injury to Public Buildings and Facilities – Laws & Penalties

Public buildings include those that the public has access to and is controlled by the state or any other public agency. These may be buildings at parks, community centers, government building and the like.

Disorderly Conduct includes making rude or riotous noise or general bad conduct. If you cause any nuisance in or near any public building or facility you may be guilty of disorderly conduct.

Injury includes writing or defacing any public building or statue.

These acts are considered Class 2 misdemeanors and are punishable by 30 days to 6 months in jail. With the help of an attorney you may be able to serve probation if you do not have a prior criminal record.

Ref: NCGS 14-132

Arson – Laws and Penalties

Common Law, still effect in North Carolina arson law, defines arson as: malicious and voluntary or willful burning of another’s house or dwelling.

There are two degrees of arson:

1st Degree Arson: If the home or dwelling burned was occupied at the time of the fire, it is a Class D felony, punishable by 38-58 months in prison for a first time conviction.

2nd Degree Arson: If the dwelling was unoccupied, the offense is a Class G felony, punishable by 8-16 months in prison for a first time conviction.

Ref: NCGS 14-58

Burning of Personal Property

If you wantonly and willfully burn or set fire to the property (of any kind) belonging to another person, regardless of whether it is insured or not, you will face Class H felony charges and a potential 4-8 months in prison for a first time conviction.

Ref: NCGS 14-66

Free Consultation on Your Criminal Charge in North Carolina

North Carolina property crime laws are extensive and complex. To get a true idea of what you may be facing when your case goes to court, it is important to get the analysis of a experienced criminal defense attorney. Call us to get a free consultation on your case today. We can help.

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